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The most important focus is increasing sales in order to grow his clients businesses. The struggle of not working with the right clients and struggling to sell can be detrimental. Sam has impacted businesses from around the world and continues to do so. 

“We all sell every day. We sell ourselves, our partners, our lifestyles, we just don’t know it. If you focus on what problems you solve and learn the art of closing, you will see an unbelievable change in your business and also your happiness” – Sam Neame


  • Building instant rapport

  • Negotiation

  • Closing Deals

  • Leadership

  • New Clients

  • Sell Your Service


  • Health
  • Tech
  • Serviced Based Industries
  • Coaching

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Sam’s Story

Sam Neame – “Closing deals is the heartbeat to business”


Sam has always enjoyed helping people around him and has made good use of his entrepreneurial flare, having started a variety of businesses alongside his education.

His number one skill is building instant rapport with just about anyone (to a degree). To get a better idea, he speaks to people in queues, on walks and makes helping others who need it a genuine priority. The connections made from public settings have led him down many fascinating paths, like interviews in world renowned investment banks such as JP Morgan, global property companies like Knight Frank and many more. 

“ I love people, I want to talk to everyone, I want to find out more about them and I’m not embarrassed to start a conversation with Anyone. Business revolves around people, so, master your communication and sales skills and it will take you to the palace you have probably been dreaming of.” 

His mission is to help people just like you reach their goals by building strong relationships. Attract high-value clients, scale your business and increase revenue. 

The simple fact is, Sam has done it, which means you can too. There is no time like the present, get in contact and see what happens. The best things come from the unexpected.

My Mission:

To give our clients the one most vital skill in business to increase business confidence,
growth and success.

Sales Success Accelerator

The sales success accelerator is the result of years and years of hard work, challenges and success. I have taken all of the failures, successes and key points that have lead to my success and put it into a programme for you. The outcome of using this programme which you will be doing personally with Sam Neame, will be noticeable and long-lasting results in your business. 

If You:

  • Have a solution to a problem and want to help more people.
  • Wake up every day and think of how to grow your business.
  • Work online or sell a service but struggle to find the right clients. 
  • Find it hard to make enough income from your service. 
  • Feel too salesy when discussing your service with prospects.
  • Struggle to find a sales process that converts. 
  • Have strategy calls but end up losing the prospect and never hearing back from them.

    Then you will want to:

    • Want to wake up and look forward to seeing your business grow.
    • Work consistently with the right clients and help more people. 
    • Have confidence you’re making enough money from what you do.
    • Be capable of helping others without feeling like an imposter. 
    • Have a consistent sales process that works.
    • Have business calls and either end the call on good terms or with a strong close. 

    Everybody’s goal is different. Maybe you want to have more free time to do the things you love, build a bigger business to support your future financial goals, help as many people from around the world. 

    Myself and my clients from around the world have used this exact process and have achieved incredible success, it’s now your turn.


    Client Success Rate


    Client Satisfaction


    Revenue Growth



    “Sam is an extremely personable entrepreneur with a genuine mission on helping his clients take their businesses to the best possible place”

    James Damon 
    Founder & President

    My Success Trio

    Finetune Your Mindset Resilience

    Build Real Relationships And Rapport (Sales Mastery)


    Close More Deals

    My work and mission is devoted to helping you grow your business to the standards you dream of.

    Sometimes all that’s missing is a small of piece of the puzzle, it might be me.

    500+ Satisfied Clients

    “Having worked alongside Sam on a few separate occasions he is someone who albeit being relatively young is already well established and successful. Being a natural-born leader and priding himself on his integrity, there is never an obstacle that isn’t possible to overcome when working collaboratively.”

    Ashley Hyrycz

    Business Development Manager & Investor

    “If your outcome is important to you I would highly recommend Sam Neame, he is a great listener and communicator. He understands you before responding with both empathy and sound judgment in a motivational way totally focused on producing your desired outcome.”

    Kim Wheatley

    Business coach & Entrepreneur

    “Sam helped me take my business from 1-10 in just a few months. We figured out a sales process that converts, consistent high ticket client leads and weekly client sign-ons.”

    Emilia Jones

    Business Owner

    I would highly recommend Sam Neame, he is an exceptional coach, mentor, leader and entrepreneur. He has an innate understanding of people which proves to motivate confidence, change and resilience. My sales have completely changed, along with my income, thank you, Sam.”

    Fahad Hussan

    Dubai Real-Estate

    Success Theory is the exclusive gateway to the knowledge and insights of the world’s most successful people, preparing and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world with every tool needed on their journey to success in their personal and business life.

    MISSION is to build a household name entrepreneurial brand that impacts 10’s of millions of entrepreneurs every single week with our content and bring true entrepreneurial education to the masses to drive humanity forward.

    Founder Sam Neame & CO-Founder Levin Graëf


    Personally, my most important goal is to help others achieve in order for myself to achieve. I have always dreamt of giving back on a larger scale.

    When purchasing any of my products or services you are directly contributing to helping those who need it the most.

    Thank you for being so very supportive.

    Sam Neame

    How Do I…


    How do I know this will work with me?

    I teach my clients the most vital skill when it comes to having a business. If you sell a product or service directly to a consumer or business then what I teach you will work. The only reason it would not work out for you is because it falls on your shoulders to put what I give you into action.

    What if I don’t have a business yet?

    To have a business, all you need is an offer and a way to sell the offer. This is exactly what I will be showing you when we work together.

    What will I walk away with after working with you?

    The priority outcome will involve you having a big smile on your face and your business to be booming (If what I teach you is put to action).
    I’m going to help you overcome the struggles when selling and remove the stigma of being a “salesperson” so you can help more people with the confidence you deserve.

    Your results are my results.